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The Legacy of Moulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri.

 Mohd Ishaq Shah ✉ “The Past five hundred years of Islamic history cannot produce the like of Moulana Kashmiri” (Dr. Muhammad Iqbal-Ra). Photo by  Ali Arif Soyda┼č  on  Unsplash A recent viral video against the great personality of Moulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri prompted me to have a study about the Moulana and I could not resist reflecting on his legacy that has a lot for learning and inspiration. The policy of the British was ‘divide and rule’. Consequently, the Indian subcontinent could see some shifts in the religious and cultural tendencies among people during this rule. The emergence of the Qadiyani sect was the result of that policy with the aim and objective to create suspense among the Muslim population of India with regard to the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) being the last prophet of Islam and being the seal of prophets. Mirza Qadiyani would claim to be the messiah of Allah and he would cross the limits to such an extent that he issued a fatwa that the holy war (JIHAD) has lost its c

Toycathon: Fostering Creativity and Innovation in Education.

 Irshad Ahmad Wani ✉ Toycathon, a portmanteau of “toy” and “marathon,” encapsulates the spirit of enthusiastic participation and collaborative problem-solving.  Photo by  Ryan Quintal  on  Unsplash To revolutionize the landscape of learning and play, the School Education Department of J & K Union Territory has embarked on an ambitious journey with the Toycathon initiative. This groundbreaking event aims to leverage the power of toys to enhance learning experiences, foster creativity, and promote innovation among students and educators alike. The project was launched on January 5, 2021, at the National level and Jammu and Kashmir, making history, was the first UT to initiate the project in 2023. The objective of the initiative is to establish Bharatas as a toy manufacturing centre and reduce toy imports thereby contributing to the “Toyoconomy” and consequently oil the wheels of Atmanirbhar Bharat making it Viksit Bharat in real essence. Toycathon 2023 had witnessed unprecedented suc