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Current Political Scenario in Kashmir: An Analytical Perspective

 Mohd Ishaq Shah ✉ The political climate in Kashmir is currently tense as the 2024 parliamentary elections approach. All local and national parties are actively campaigning to win the support of the public and secure their votes. Political figures from various regional and national parties are frequently holding public rallies in different locations, attempting to rally support for their respective parties. The political environment appears to be highly competitive, with the BJP facing off against all other local and national parties. The outcome of this parliamentary election is uncertain, and its impact on the future political discourse between the centre and the state is a matter of speculation. Maharaja Gulab Singh has been called the founder of the polity of Jammu and Kashmir. Following the 1860s, interaction with British India resulted in the region becoming a part of the geopolitical game between Russia and Britain. During the period of India’s independence, the partition, up ti