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The On-Camera Illusions of Politicians

Ramakantha Reddy ✉ P olitics and media have been intertwined for decades, evolving together as technology advances. The transition from radio broadcasts to television changed the landscape significantly, with the internet and social media setting current standards and strategies. This evolution has shaped not only how politicians communicate but also how they are perceived by the public. Imagine watching a politician deliver an impassioned speech on camera, fervently advocating for poverty alleviation. Now, imagine a leaked off-camera footage showing the same politician dismissing poverty issues as unimportant. This striking difference in behaviour highlights the curated personas many political figures adopt when the cameras roll. In modern politics, the act of maintaining a specific image on camera greatly impacts public perception and trust, prompting a complex interplay between authenticity and performance. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats: An early example of using media to

Eggceptional Generosity!

Ikkz Ikbal (Author) In a heartwarming demonstration of community spirit and charity, residents of Malmapanpora hamlet of North Kashmir’s Sopore, banded together to raise funds for the construction of a Mosque in the locality through a unique initiative. The local Masjid Committee, despite facing difficulties in gathering resources, embarked on a journey that would remarkably unite the village.  The concept was straightforward but innovative: collect donations, both in cash and in-kind contributions to fund the construction of the Mosque. Among the contributions was the freshly laid hen egg, which symbolized the sincerity and modest offerings of the villagers. The old woman who donated the egg chose to remain anonymous, which highlights the selfless nature of the act and adds to the beauty of the gesture. As the donations were put up for auction, the egg swiftly became the most sought-after object, capturing the attention and imagination of the community. The locals enthusiastically en