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Encouraging Democracy: Managing the Political Environment in Jammu and Kashmir

Rameez Rasool Mir ✉ There is a mixture of hope and despair in Jammu & Kashmir’s democratic environment. Promoting political consciousness and critical thinking is essential for meaningful participation. We examine the complicated realm of political participation in this conversation, offering our perspectives on the latest elections and arguing in favour of a thorough method of assessing political candidates. You can read the same article on Medium, access it  here Election Behaviour and Participation In the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory, there is a spike in political fervour before every election. The Lok Sabha dates’ announcement serves as a spark, drawing fresh participants to the scene. The rising expectation for change is reflected in the rise of new voter registrations. Beneath this political fervour, though, voters are often unhappy and frequently feel discouraged after casting their ballots. Thoughts Regarding Political Involvement Despite this disappointment, it’s crit

The rising trend of social media trolling

Editorial⌛ When Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook, it appeared to be a brilliant idea. Initially, it served as an online mug book for college students, but it quickly evolved into something much larger. People of all ages and backgrounds joined the platform, connecting with their high school classmates and distant relatives. Even churches, bands, and hobbyists formed groups to engage with their followers. These connections, like a complex web, led to even more connections. Eventually, it became possible to be “friends” with everyone you had ever known, including numerous strangers. However, very few of us stopped to consider whether all 1234 of our “friends” deserved access to such personal information. At first, we didn’t question the idea of being friends with every person we had ever known and countless strangers. It was the norm, and sharing everything from dating experiences and concert videos to political opinions and breakfast choices was simply what people did. As a result, man

The Importance of Addressing Child Labour Threats and Its Remedies

Umar Khan ✉ Child labour continues to be a pervasive issue globally, despite significant efforts to eradicate it. Defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO) as work that deprives children of their childhood, potential, and dignity, child labour remains a harsh reality for millions of children worldwide. While progress has been made in reducing its prevalence, significant challenges persist, and the threats it poses cannot be underestimated. One of the most pressing reasons to address the threat of child labour is the impact it has on children's physical and mental well-being. Children involved in labour-intensive work often face hazardous conditions, including long hours, dangerous machinery, and toxic substances. This exposure can result in serious injuries, illnesses, and even death. Moreover, child labour denies children their right to education, perpetuating a cycle of poverty and limiting future opportunities. Furthermore, child labour perpetuates social and econom