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The Girl Who Caught My Eye

 Mr. Younus M Bhatt ✉ My ill-fated love, my broken heart, hoping that one day, I will find my happy ending. I was a research student at the University, researching statistics and living a routine life. But my joy came from riding my Royal Enfield motorcycle, enjoying the city rush, admiring the beauty, feeling the wind on my face, and listening to the Hindi songs with earbuds plugged in. It was my escape, my freedom, and it helped me feel alive in a way that nothing else could. It was on one of those rides to the department that I first saw her. As a newbie to the research, she was walking towards the statistics department, her long hair flowing in the wind, her smile as warm as the summer sun. She was not just beautiful; she had an air of confidence and grace that made her stand out in a crowd. I noticed her subtle glances, the faintest hint of interest in her eyes. But I hesitated, unsure if I should approach her. What would a girl like her want with a guy like me? Weeks passed, and

Youth Empowerment or Political Apathy! What Defines the 2024 Elections?

  Ikkz Ikbal ✉ As India will decide the fate of political parties in the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, it is not the seasoned politicians who set the tone, but the common people who write the song of change. The Indian democracy needs a fresh tune, that should match the vibes of the common people. Gone are the days when the youth were mere spectators in the political spectacle while being persuaded by promises of basic amenities like water, electricity and roads. They expect more now — a voice that syncs with their hopes, their aspirations, and their future. The message is loud and clear: politics is no longer an elite sport, but a stage where common people, the beating heart of the country, take centre stage. It’s high time for youth to stop being passive recipients of political agendas crafted by others and to take ownership of their agency, autonomy, and right to influence the course of the country. Education, career, lifestyle, dignity, peace_ these are the new fronts in the youth’s fi