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A Smile That Changed Everything

Fazal Ul Haq Wani ✉ It was a fleeting moment, a smile lasting only a millisecond, but it was enough to capture my heart. After the short encounter, a liking developed and quickly turned into love. Photo by  on  Unsplash It was a cold winter’s day when I was in the 12th grade. All of us were waiting for the arrival of our physics teacher. I went outside the classroom to see how he was doing to kill time. It was then that I noticed her. I had never noticed this girl before. Upon inquiring, I discovered that she was enrolled in the eleventh grade. I couldn’t help but follow her after that, pulled by some strange magnetic attraction. Shyness and Silent Yearning Throughout the rest of my coaching days, I desperately wanted to tell her how I felt. But each time I attempted to gather the bravery; I was unable to even carry on a basic conversation. I remained silent out of shyness and fear of rejection. During that period, I would see her in the corridors and even from a distance