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Struggle for Equitable Writer Compensation

The Wegener Mail ✉ PERSPECTIVE My well-wishers frequently challenge the value of my dedication to writing articles for newspapers, questioning its economic merit with remarks like, “Tere likhne se kuch nahi hoga, Apna keemti waqt zaaya mat karo” - "Your writing won't lead to anything, don't waste your precious time." Such comments prompt a moment of introspection on my part, leading me to justify my passion for writing. Yet, beneath my explanations, I harbour doubts about the wisdom of investing my energy without financial return, especially as a student with limited time. This internal debate compels me to reflect on the predicament faced by column writers who invest considerable effort in their craft—meticulously editing, conducting plagiarism and AI checks, among other tasks—only to be rewarded with their name in the editorial section. Is the recognition worth the effort? Does the effectiveness of one's writing matter if the newspapers do not adequately compens

Can Artificial Intelligence Serve the Greater Good?

The Wegener Mail ✉ PERSPECTIVEđź‘€ Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving at a rapid pace, posing ethical challenges in addition to efficiencies in fields including healthcare, education, finance, and criminal justice. Apprehensions about prejudice, its impact on human decision-making, and its potential for propaganda can be raised. The algorithmic bias impedes the justice and fairness of marginalised people in vital domains like employment and healthcare. Although AI might be efficient, improper use of the technology can be a potential menace, highlighting the need for careful consideration and expert disposition. The possible exploitation of AI for propaganda demands robust content verification mechanisms and public awareness to combat misinformation effectively, safeguarding societal stability and democratic processes. These challenges are evident across various sectors, emphasizing the importance of a balanced approach to maximize the benefits of AI while mitigating its negative im

Mindful Movement into Your Daily Routine

The Wegener Mail ✉ HEALTH TIPđź’“ đź”…Choose an activity that combines physical exercise with mindfulness to nourish both your body and mind. 🔆Practices like yoga, tai chi, or even mindful walking can significantly improve your mental health, enhance physical fitness, and encourage nutritional awareness.  đź”…By focusing on the connection between movement and breath, you engage in a form of meditation that reduces stress, boosts mood, and fosters a healthier relationship with your body.  🔆This holistic approach encourages a balanced lifestyle, promoting overall wellness through a synergy of mental clarity, physical vitality, and nutritional mindfulness. Representative picture