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Health Concerns of Workers: A Psycho-Analytical Perspective

Mohd Ishaq Shah ✉ Human beings are a blend of biological and psychological instincts, which significantly influence the interactions between employees and employers within any organization or department. Human behaviour tends to gravitate towards abstract notions of inferiority and superiority complexes. Representative picture Employees fall into two categories: those in positions of authority and those in subordinate roles. The former often exhibit tendencies towards superiority, while the latter lean towards feelings of inferiority. However, some individuals strike a balance and successfully navigate their roles within an organization, holding key positions across various departments and institutions. Conversely, a significant number struggle to overcome the challenges inherent in their workplace environments. Central to this issue is the stress experienced by employees as they strive to meet organizational expectations while balancing their psycho-biological needs. This juggling act

Astronomy in the Light of the Quran

Sanya Mir ✉ Astronomy delves into the exploration of the universe and celestial bodies, while the Quran serves as a comprehensive guide for humanity, offering solutions to our challenges, enlightening our path, and serving as a profound testament to the power of Almighty Allah. The Quran states, "We have revealed to you the Book as an explanation of all things, a Guide, a Mercy, and Good News for those who Fully Submit." Representative picture Allah has bestowed us with the Quran as a comprehensive guide for Life, rich with Lessons and Teachings.  Among its profound insights, are signs related to the field of science; meaning there are various facts which are mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago and are now being discovered by Modern Science. This article delves into the astronomical facts present in the Quran. 1. The Expanding Universe The vast unimaginable space which encompasses most distant stars, planets, and anything else which exists is called the Universe. In simple