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The Paradox of Desires

 Mudasir Koul ✉ Some seek to get a divorce, while others search for a lifelong partner! Have you ever felt like the world is a complex puzzle, where our dreams sometimes clash with others? Jealousy is a common trait — wanting what others have while they desire what we once possessed. Let’s talk more about it and untie this web. In relationships, some seek to leave marriage feeling trapped, while others search for a lifelong partner. Many crave fame for public recognition, yet some long for attention even if it means being marginalized. Being suddenly drawn into the limelight often makes people appreciate privacy. At these moments, they are longing for times when they are the only people in the room, and they can finally be free from the watchful eyes of the public. While some people hunt for recognition and feel the “publicity pride,” others who want to connect crave the community that accompanies the status. No matter what, our dreams change throughout the life. We are excited about t