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Noise, Noise Everywhere!

In many countries, the use of loudspeakers at religious and public venues has sparked a complex debate. While these devices play a vital role in community life, especially in calling for Azan and marking significant religious occasions, there's growing concern over their impact on noise levels and public tranquility. Exemptions allowed for religious practices have led to discussions on whether these constitute a breach of noise pollution laws, which are designed to protect the public from excessive noise. Here i highlight the issue of loudspeaker use, examining its legal, social, and health implications, and the collective efforts needed to address the challenges it poses. Representative picture Noise Pollution Laws Noise pollution laws are enacted to mitigate the adverse effects of excessive sound on human health and the environment. These laws set decibel limits for different times of the day and types of areas (e.g., residential, commercial). However, in recognizing the cultural

Shocking Facts Behind Ice Cream Impact on Health

Radha Krishnan ✉ Ice cream, a universally beloved dessert, embodies the juxtaposition of pleasure and health concerns. While its rich, creamy texture and diverse flavors make it a favorite among people of all ages, the nutritional content and health implications associated with frequent consumption have drawn attention from health professionals and nutritionists.  Representational picture This article delves into the benefits and drawbacks of ice cream consumption, supported by scientific research, to provide a balanced view of its effects on our health. Nutritional Composition and Health Impacts Ice cream's primary components include dairy products, sweeteners, and often, flavorings and additives. The inclusion of dairy provides a source of calcium and protein, which are essential for bone health and muscle function (Deosarkar et al., 2016; Legassa & Ommega Internationals, 2020). Additionally, ice cream can serve as a medium for probiotics, promoting gut health when consumed

Know This Before Eating Pizza and Burger

Sanjana Singh ✉ Pizza and burgers are two of the most popular fast food items worldwide, known for their delicious taste and convenience. However, their impact on health is a subject of ongoing debate. This article delves into the pros and cons of consuming these foods, their effects on the body, and what medical research has to say about them. Representative picture Why to Eat? Convenience: Pizza and burgers are quick and easy meal options, especially for those with busy lifestyles. Nutritional Content: When prepared with wholesome ingredients, these foods can provide essential nutrients. For example, a pizza with a whole-grain crust, vegetables, and lean protein can offer a balanced meal. Customization: Both pizza and burgers can be customized to include healthier ingredients, such as whole-grain bread, lean meats, and plenty of vegetables. Why Not To Eat? High in Calories and Unhealthy Fats: These foods are often high in calories, saturated fats, and trans fats, contributing to wei

Maximizing the Blessings of Laila tul Qadr: A Guide to the Last 10 Nights of Ramadan

 Ikkz Ikbal ✉ As the blessed month of Ramadan enters the last 10 days. Muslims anticipate the arrival of Laila tul Qadr, the Night of Power. Laila tul Qadr starts with the 21st night of Ramadan. Representative picture Every single one of those nights has the potential to be the most consequential night of your life. The exact night corresponding to Laila tul Qadr is unknown, however what is known for certain is that Laila tul Qadr is among the last ten nights of Ramadan. Recorded by Bukhari, and narrated by `Aisha R.A, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said "Search for the Night of Qadr in the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan." (Sahih Bukhari [2017]. From the calculations standpoint of the Shab e Qadr, one second of Laila tul Qadr is better than almost one day. Allah SWT chose these last 10 nights as an opportunity for us, so that our sins are forgiven. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “Whoever spends the nights of Ramadan in prayer out of faith and in the hope of reward, he will

Safeguarding Kashmiri Cultural Values in the Digital Age: Handling Social Media.

 Dr Fazal Ul Haq Wani ✉ In this society of connected lives, social media has become an essential part. People use it to communicate with each other, voice their opinions and discuss important issues.  Representative picture It is a place for debate, expression, and involvement on various topics. Nevertheless, social media use in Kashmir has turned into a double-edged sword with both positive and negative implications on the region’s young people and cultural identity. Social media however offers potent tools to Kashmiri youth who can utilize it as means for raising their voices, fighting for their rights, or establishing links with like-minded people from around the world. It gives people an avenue to express what they think, tell them about their experiences and engage in societal movements.  In this regard, social media has demonstrated its power as a change agent not only in Kashmir alone but also beyond; ranging from drawing attention to political injustices or leading conversation