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Ushkur: The forgotten Kushan town of Ancient Kashmir

Younus Yousuf Ganie ✉ The history of Kashmir starts with the history of Baramulla , when the whole of Kashmir was a lake. Baramulla located on the Muzaffarabad-Srinagar highway was called the gateway of Kashmir valley. According to a belief, the city of Baramulla was founded by Raja Bhimsena in 2306 B.C. According to R.C Kak, “ The town of Baramulla properly ‘Varahamulla’ named after the boar incarnation of Vishnu was an important place from ancient to medieval times because of its strategic location as it fell on the main trade between India and central Asia. Baramulla district is bounded by Kupwara in the North, Budgam and Poonch in the South parts of Srinagar and Ladakh in the east and Muzaffarabad in the west. District Baramulla has a very rich history. Many places of Baramulla are historically very important viz. Parihaspora , Sopore , Pattan , Ushkara , Khadinyar , Badmulla , Fatehgarh Kanispora , etc. among these important historical places is Ushkur or Ushkara . Ushkur, t

Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Dr Ajaz Afzal Lone ✉ There lies a tragedy of immense proportion in the Gaza Strip, where civilians endure unfathomable suffering amidst the chaos of conflict. The situation is dire, with thousands displaced, makeshift shelters offering scant protection, and necessities like food and medical care becoming increasingly scarce. Against this backdrop of despair, hospitals and clinics, once beacons of hope, are now targets of violence, leaving the most vulnerable without aid. Children, the innocent victims of this crisis, are robbed of their futures as schools and universities lie in ruins. Their dreams are shattered, and they face a reality marred by violence and uncertainty. Yet, amidst this tragedy, the international community has failed to intervene effectively, allowing the suffering to persist unabated. The scale of the Conflict Since the conflict’s escalation in 2023, the toll on civilians has been staggering, with at least 27,478 Palestinians, predominantly civilians, having lost th

How to Grow as a Writer on Medium

EDITORIAL ☎ Medium is a unique online platform that empowers anyone to share their insightful perspectives, valuable knowledge, and life wisdom with a global audience. It is a space that rewards depth, nuance, and thoughtful engagement, supported by a community of Medium members who are aligned with its mission. Unlike traditional media models that rely on advertising or data monetization, Medium offers a different approach. It is a space for substantive conversation, where the focus is on quality writing and ideas rather than packaging or superficial content. Medium provides a system that values the time and effort invested by its contributors. Every month, over 100 million people connect and share their wisdom on Medium. This diverse community includes professional writers, CEOs, computer scientists, U.S. presidents, amateur novelists, and anyone with a compelling story to tell. Medium has become a platform that celebrates the power of the written word and the exchange of meaningful