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How Category system Mars Education & Employment?

Dr, Fazal Ul Haq Wani ✉ The introduction of categories like open merit, social caste, scheduled tribe, and RBA (Resident of Backward Area) in the context of education and recruitment has long been a source of dispute. These categories, which were created to alleviate social injustices and give disadvantaged individuals chances, nowadays cause confusion and frustration in the minds of many. Representative picture These categories were designed to allocate seats and positions according to regional and socioeconomic characteristics. Nevertheless, the implementation has deviated greatly from its original intent, discouraging and disappointing a great number of deserving open-merit students. Think about the situation where a student with a 65 out of 100 score cannot get a job or a place in an educational institution. While another One gets both with just 30 marks. This disparity emphasizes how irrational the current system is. Reservation rules were created to help people who really needed

Why Are Those Educated People Uncivilised?

Dr Fazal Ul Haq Wani ✉ The emphasis on education within Islam stands out as a defining characteristic in the annals of human history. According to Islamic beliefs, the inception of humanity was not shrouded in darkness or ignorance; instead, it commenced bathed in the illuminating guidance of the Creator.   Representative picture Central to this belief is the notion that knowledge was the initial gift bestowed upon humanity by the Creator, marking it as a fundamental quality. Education, therefore, emerges as the pivotal factor that sets humanity apart and, as illuminated in the Holy Quran, elevates humans above all other creations. Education is one of the essential qualities that are vital for the healthy progression and development of any civilization. While other systems and ideologies around the world may consider education as one of the many needs of man, Islam has prioritized it as the foremost requirement. However, education is not merely a teaching and learning process. Instead,

Lost Into the Screens: Can Childhood Innocence Be Rescued?

Ikkz Ikbal ✉ With screens illuminating every aspect of our lives in this digital age, childhood innocence stands perilously at the crossroads. Children, the most voracious consumers of the internet, navigate a world full of opportunities and risks.  Representative picture The very devices meant to bring us together may be unintentionally cutting the bonds that bind our kids to the real world. One silent threat that is frequently missed in the glow of screens is the widespread exposure to short-wavelength blue light emitted by mobile devices.  Excessive exposure to short-wavelength blue light, which is a common feature of contemporary screens, has been connected to several chronic issues. The eyes, the windows to the children’s souls, bear the brunt of this silent assailant. The sneaky companions of the digital era are strain, swelling, and other eyesight problems. The effects are not limited to the physical domain; they also penetrate the vulnerable area of mental well-being.  Excessiv