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The Fabric Of Eid: Stitching Together Love, Generosity, and Nostalgia

Ikkz Ikbal ✉ Eid-Ul-Fitr is celebrated after Muslims across the globe complete the holy month of Ramadan . While across cultures, the traditions may differ, there’s a unanimous joy that is celebrated in the form of food, family and friends.  Representative picture A symphony of joy and anticipation fills the hearts of millions around the world. For me, Eid has always been more than just a celebration; laced with strands of love, generosity, and nostalgia. The happiness is starting your EID with the sweet embrace of tradition, by wishing Eid greetings to your MUMMY first. Expressing love and gratitude to the person who has supported and loved me throughout the years brings me an unmatched sense of delight in the morning. And then what better way to kick-start the Eid celebrations than when you know Mummy still shares the traditional delights like " GHAR CHE GOV HUND DOUD 🥛 ” (milk from the cow we own) with our dear neighbours on Eid morning. It’s a gesture that embodies the i