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Tragedy of Ignorance: The Bluff Faith Healers

 Mohd Ishaq Shah ✉ Little learning is a dangerous Thing. And it is folly to be wise where ignorance is Bliss. (Alexander Pope) It is deeply concerning that in this modern era of advanced communication and medical technology, people continue to fall victim to fake faith healers, known as “Doongee Babaas.” The irony is that despite the well-documented and severe consequences of these self-proclaimed “peers,” the public memory seems to be short-lived. Even after witnessing incidents like those involving Gulzaar Peer, Lass’ Bab, and others in the historical knowledge and philosophy-rich region of North Kashmir, people remain unalarmed and quickly forget about these occurrences. A faith healer, Ghulam Rasool (Lass Bab), was arrested by the police in Handwara, North Kashmir, for allegedly stabbing a woman from the Magam area. The incident occurred when the woman visited the faith healer in the Chogal area. The faith healer repeatedly hit the woman on her head, causing critical injuries. She

How Self-Proclaimed Godmen Betray Our Trust- The Fake Peer Baba

 Ikkz Ikbal ✉ He  was believed to be a spiritual healer. People had a blind faith in him, even though he was not in his senses. He had never had a bath. Ateeqa Begum, 70 was his regular visitor. And then something terrible happened. A story of darkness that shrouded the people’s hearts in hopelessness. The recent tragedy that unfolded in Chogal area of Handwara in North Kashmir has once again left people in mourning and ripped open the wounds of grieving community. A self-proclaimed Godman, Ghulam Rasool, known ominously as “Lasse Båb” killed the women in a senseless act with axe and left her children and family in mourning and the society in deep shock. Leaving behind a trail of sorrow and bewilderment. This today’s tragedy is not an isolated event, but a symptom of a serious menace plaguing our society. As I reflect on this heartbreaking tragedy, there is a sense of anger and frustration. I cried for a while but then held my pen back thinking that by writing the fingers will swallow,