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Ramadan Essence: Reconnecting with Allah via Qur'an & Dua

Ikkz Ikbal ✉ As the blessed month of Ramadan has already arrived, hearts are filled with gratitude for the divine gift of this holy time Alhumdulillah. It is the month when the gates of the heavens are opened. This month is the invitation to begin a profound journey to connect with Allah SWT through the guiding light of the Qur'an and Dua. This is the month of the Qur’an. This is the month of mercy, forgiveness and self-introspection.  The representative picture generated using DALL-E3 The story begins when Adam and Hawwa A.S are put in Jannah by Allah SWT. It was a reward for them from Allah SWT. They were so close to Allah SWT that they could talk to Him directly. But then Adam A.S made a silly mistake, influenced by the whispers of Iblis, he was sent on earth along with Hawwa A.S According to common Christian belief, the descent of Adam and Hawwa A.S on this earth was a punishment from Allah SWT. But Islam and the Qur’an hold a different perspective. Allah SWT describes life on