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Traditional Politics in Kashmir: A Tale of Betrayal and Forgotten Wounds

Fazal Wani ✉ With a complex netting of regional, national, and international interests, Kashmir’s political arena has long been volatile. Due to the region’s special geopolitical significance, politicians frequently have to modify their strategies to negotiate the shifting sands of power, making it a hotspot of conflict.                                                                  Photo by Joel Rivera-Camacho on  Unsplash Past Developments Affecting Politics in Kashmir The political history of Kashmir is filled with disputes and conflict. The area has had decades of instability, from the 1947 division of India to the late 20th-century insurgency movements. Political plotting by regional and outside actors has influenced the future of Kashmir and its people. The People’s Suffering: The Kashmiri people have been suffering from the worst of the political unrest for many generations. The Kashmiri people have faced severe hardships, including human rights violations and curfews, which