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Confronting Children's Dependency on Mobile Phones

Authors: Dr. Arshid Bhat, Tehzeema Mehraj, Fasahat Shabeer, Suwaid Jalal & Bhat Sahiba. Children having mobile phone addiction is one of the gravest concerns for parents, educators, and health practitioners in the increasingly growing digital landscape. This is called "screen addiction" or "digital addiction" which has now become an important issue globally, especially in youth. The more you delve into this subject, the more important it is to understand the root causes & how it affects children in their growing years and what are the solutions that need to be addressed, to tackle this ever-increasing problem of Education vs wellbeing. This image was generated by the DALLE-E3 Youngsters are drawn to mobile screens due to the veritable masses of entertainment and social media applications and the easier access to educational and communication features among others. But this very adaptability makes them so addictive. The instant gratification provided by games