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Historical Review: Interwoven Past of Allama Mashriqi, Bhuttos, and Zardaris

Nasim Yousaf ✉ A historical review of Pakistan's political landscape reveals intriguing connections that have shaped the course of the nation's history. Delving into the intertwined past of Allama Mashriqi, the Bhuttos, and the Zardaris uncovers fascinating relationships that have often remained unexplored.  Representataive file photo From Sir Shah Nawaz Khan Bhutto's affiliation with the Khaksar Movement (source: Gul Hayat Institute, Sindh) to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's deep admiration for Mashriqi, and President Zardari's ties with Mashriqi's descendants, these historical threads offer insights into the intersections of politics, ideology, and familial bonds. As a biographer of Mashriqi, I have been asked to shed light on these connections for the record. I will delve into the historical tapestry of the Mashriqi-Bhutto and Mashriqi-Zardari relationships separately. Before delving into Sir Shah Nawaz Khan's association with the Khaksar Movement and Bhutto's

Do not break your Eggs, Know How?

Ananya Sharma ✉ Mastering the art of boiling an egg just right is like a special ritual that every beginner and expert chef must conquer. Although it may seem easy, the struggle of dealing with cracked eggs in boiling water reveals that it's a delicate skill to perfect. Representative picture While Chinese egg boilers have become a common sight in kitchens around the globe, promising a hassle-free path to perfectly boiled eggs, there's an age-old trick that continues to hold its ground: adding a pinch of salt to the boiling water. The Science Behind the Salt The secret lies not in the complexity of the method, but in the simplicity and elegance of basic science. Salt increases the boiling point of water, a phenomenon known as boiling point elevation. While this might sound like a trivial change, it's the foundation of why this method is so effective. The higher boiling point means the egg cooks slightly faster, but more importantly, it strengthens the eggshell, making it le

30 Essential Strategies to Retire Early in Your 30s

Faizan Ahmad Malik ✉  Hey there! Planning to retire early, especially in your 30s, is definitely a bold and big goal. It means you need to plan carefully, save a lot, make smart investment choices, and often, live a bit differently than most people do. Representative picture Attaining financial independence to retire many years before the typical retirement age entails accumulating sufficient savings, investments, or passive income to sustain your living costs indefinitely without the necessity of full-time employment. 1. Embrace the FIRE Movement The Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement is a lifestyle system that prioritizes extreme savings and investment strategies to achieve financial independence as early as possible. Understanding its principles is the first step toward retiring early. 2. Assess Your Financial Status Begin with a comprehensive assessment of your financial health: calculate your net worth, understand your income and expenses, and set clear financial