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How Pakistan’s Democracy Dies in Darkness

Amid the climate of uncertainty and the persistent hullabaloo of political unrest, Pakistan's democratic framework is currently poised at a pivotal threshold. The country has faced a series of formidable challenges over the last two years, each casting a pall over the core tenets of its democracy. Issues ranging from a lack of transparency and restrictions on free press to accusations of censorship and the tremors of political instability have significantly clouded the democratic landscape of Pakistan. This analysis examines the series of events and dynamics that have critically shaped Pakistan's democratic path in the recent period, highlighting the key concerns that pose a substantial risk to the stability of its democratic base.   The representative picture generated by DALL-E Political Instability and Transparency The political landscape in Pakistan over the past two years provides a vivid illustration of how political instability can impact transparency and the demo

Ethical AI: Balancing Governance, Global Labour and Surveillance

Artificial Intelligence and automation are transforming global politics, economies, and societies, presenting challenges and opportunities. They prompt a critical reassessment of political structures, ethical standards, and governance frameworks, requiring adaptation to a rapidly changing world. Representative picture 1. Global Labor Markets: A Double-Edged Sword The influence of AI on global labour markets is debated, offering efficiency and growth but posing challenges like job displacement and inequality. Automation in manufacturing streamlines processes and reduces costs. A notable example is the automotive industry, where companies like General Motors have implemented robotic assembly lines to increase production efficiency.  Similarly, in the services sector, AI applications such as chatbots and automated customer service platforms have revolutionised customer interaction, offering personalised and efficient service options . The economic impact of AI extends beyond secto