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Politics & the Trend of Black Shades

Editorial Mr. K M Karunanidhi (Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, India) wore black shades throughout his political career because of an eye injury and doctors advised him to wear black shades to protect his eyes. However, Joe Biden is loyal to the Ray-Ban Aviator to show his dominance as the top boss, or it may symbolise his loyalty, persistence, and a touch of American swagger.                                                                    Photo by Austin P on  Unsplash Politicians wearing black shades in public — it’s a trend that’s equal parts intriguing and infuriating. Are they trying to make a fashion statement or hide their hangover from last night’s campaign fundraiser? Here, we’ll look into the history, reasons, and significance of this phenomenon, as well as the public and media reactions to it. So, grab your favourite pair of shades and let’s dive in. It sounds funny when an amateur news reporter wears black shades on a cloudy day while interviewing a political newbie. Whil