The Paradox of Desires

 Mudasir Koul ✉

Some seek to get a divorce, while others search for a lifelong partner!

Have you ever felt like the world is a complex puzzle, where our dreams sometimes clash with others? Jealousy is a common trait — wanting what others have while they desire what we once possessed. Let’s talk more about it and untie this web. In relationships, some seek to leave marriage feeling trapped, while others search for a lifelong partner. Many crave fame for public recognition, yet some long for attention even if it means being marginalized.

Being suddenly drawn into the limelight often makes people appreciate privacy. At these moments, they are longing for times when they are the only people in the room, and they can finally be free from the watchful eyes of the public. While some people hunt for recognition and feel the “publicity pride,” others who want to connect crave the community that accompanies the status. No matter what, our dreams change throughout the life. We are excited about the mature levels of life because we know freedom comes with it. A little while after maturity happens; we discover that we miss the unbounded way of life of our childhood. Many people believe that money buys happiness although some people yearn for a simple life that leads to a peaceful mind even in the middle of a luxurious life.

Back in hard times, the desire to be financially secure and to run away from poverty is largely found. Sometimes, for others who have accumulated a fortune, the obligations of distancing themselves from the poor and managing their finances instead make them yearn for a simple life in the jumble of these wants of life may go up and down like the seesaw as we desire equally what we presently have and what we desire for in the future. Perhaps it is time for us to stop, take a minute, and realise that we already have some blessings. We then can also learn how to be content now and in the present moment, not the future or what we don’t have.

The above line illustrates how merely being able to see different views or perspectives teaches us to be grateful for the things that we have. To switch from a mindset where we envy others who have different advantages and gifts that we do not have, we should be grateful for what we have already now, instead of being greedy.

Perhaps more inner peace and happiness might be given by learning to stop thinking obsessively that everything shall be justified and appreciating the small joys of life. Additionally, understanding that all of us are fighting our battles helps build bonds between people and leads to a peace-loving and harmonious society. Self-development and self-discovery can also be fruitful when we stay for a while and ponder our inner worlds. Our happiness and fulfilment can be determined by having an activity plan and motive in place. Realizing that we can both pursue things as we see them and make informed choices increases our ability for self-awareness.

Acknowledging human motives will always be unique and complex is one of the most significant aspects of this nature of humanity. Through the individual experiences of every person, their path is made to become distinct and unique, being a product of their own life, circumstances, and the dreams they have. Of course, keeping in mind that human beings follow their own ways, considering this diversity we can be more understanding and empathic to others. Finally, the puzzle of life is an incredible and static combination of life objectives, dreams, and desires.
The act of admitting gratefulness and learning about one’s thoughts, feelings, or circumstances, as well as safeguarding empathy, is a sure way of handling that snag, even getting pleasure from the venture.

In effect, the richness of life turns out to be in several puzzles which the people living in it want others to piece together according to their taste. Occasionally, it is our fortes that cause others to be envious, while it is the other’s forte that makes us feel envious. However, instead of asking constantly what the next more” is, we should learn to be satisfied with what we have. We may discover all that we need is patience and gratitude, recognizing that every one of us has our dreams and struggles, for us to live a life with happiness and peace. Thus, let us appreciate what we possess, relate ourselves to the things that matter and are just a way of reaching out to each other.

Note: Mudasir Koul is a Panchayat Secretary by profession, a columnist & a civil service aspirant. Views data, facts, findings presented are his own and do not represent the stance of The Viral Post

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